Demographic Mapping

Scopomap – The Next Big Thing In Community Engagement and Marketing

Empower your stakeholder engagement with street-level demographic data and insights using Scopomap.

Want to know more about your stakeholders?

Harness Scopomap to gather street-level demographic data about the individuals residing within your stakeholder catchment. Utilise Scopomap’s heatmap to expose key demographical details such as age, gender, income, employment, education and languages spoken. Unveil insights into physical address data like numbers of residential/business properties, dwelling types, and rental properties via Scopomap.

Want to target your key market segments?

Create custom distribution maps with Scopomap using a variety of demographic filters. Targeting uni degree holders with higher weekly incomes? Simply adjust the sliders for each demographic metric on Scopomap and click apply. What you get is a custom map specifically tailored to your target audience, which can help in minimizing print and distribution costs.

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