Manage My Post

ManageMy Post Brings You Doubt Free Delivery


ManageMy Post lets you manage your letterbox distribution from start to finish.

Make booking requests online

Create maps of your distribution area using custom drawing tools, postcode map sets, or by loading maps saved as favourites.

Gain insights about your distribution area such
as the number of letterboxes, residential
properties, businesses, and demographic data.

You can also extract address list data in CSV file format.

Your booking request will be emailed directly to us and we’ll come straight back to you with a quote!

gps tracking

All our distributions are tracked using our MMP GPS tracking app. Distributors receive a map of their distribution area on their phone and GPS track their route in real time so they can see exactly where they’ve walked and what they still have to do. 

Each property on the route is geofenced and ticked off when the distributor walks within 2m of the property. Routes are also randomly audited by our supervisors.

Once the job is complete you’ll be able to view exactly where the distributors walked and where they delivered!


View Active Jobs and Pending Booking requests made by your organisation. The Job Archive let’s you access every distribution job ever done by your organisation, including maps, dates and distribution quantities, stock types, who booked the job plus any special instructions.