Signage Installation

We don’t just print signage, we can install it too!


Whether it’s information about a consultation project, changes to bus timetables or a product or service you’re selling, well placed signage is a great way to get people’s attention.


We can work with you to identify the best signage options and locations for installation. When the campaign is finished, we can also remove them.


We can install on:


  • Telegraph poles
  • Fencing
  • Sign posts 


And a wide range of other locations….

What information/instructions do you need to install signage?

If you have a specific project plan for where you’d like signage installed, just provide us with a map and we can do the rest. We can also work with you to develop a plan using our mapping software.

Do you need permission to install on telegraph poles and street signs?

This can vary between local Government Areas, but as a rule if signage is installed without obscuring existing signage it’s generally ok. It’s important to note that signs should be removed at the completion of a campaign.

Can you install metal signs and shade cloth?

Yes we can. We’ll just need the measurement of the area to be installed and the surface it’s being installed onto.

How do I know the installation has been done?

We will take pictures of the installed signs and overlay them on a map with their GPS location.

Do you remove the signage and dispose of it when it’s finished with?

Yes, we do.