Handing out information person to person is an effective way of getting your information to people who work, study or shop in an area (but may not live there).


We can handout almost anywhere:


  • Train stations
  • Bus stops
  • High foot traffic areas
  • On site as directed by you


We use a range of data sources to identify the best locations such as the busiest station exits and entrances and pedestrian hot spots to hand out your material.


We can also organise distributors to be project branded to create extra awareness of your project….

Who does your handouts?

Our handouts are undertaken by hand picked members of our distribution crew who are undergraduate tertiary students.

Do you need to get permission to handout at train stations and in shopping centres?

Distributing outside train stations and shopping centres does not require permission, however prior consent is required to handout inside these venues.

What kind of instructions do you need?

Ideally a very simple Q&A and key message is helpful. This could include “here’s some information on….” Or “if you have any detailed questions you can contact…”.

How many do you handouts can you do in an hour?

Depending on the location and the frequency of foot traffic we can generally handout approximately 250 flyers per person per hour.

Can I brand the distributors as brand ambassadors?

We’ve found that members of the public are more likely to accept a flyer if the distributor is wearing a project t-shirt or lanyard. This is particularly true for Government related projects.

Are you handing out during Covid-19?

In 2020 we temporarily suspended handout activities, however we are now reviewing the situation on a case by case basis.