LTJV | Road and Traffic Light Upgrades

LTJV is one of Australia’s leading road construction companies, who are responsible for maintaining large parts of Sydney’s road network on behalf of Transport for NSW.  

DAND have been working with LTJV for many years, helping them to notify local communities about upcoming road works in their area. 

“We have a lot riding on getting these notifications right,” explains Adrian Simmons from LTJV. “If we don’t give the right properties seven days’ notice, then we can’t go ahead with the work. It’s that simple.”

The first step is getting the catchment right. DAND use their mapping software to assist LTJV to pinpoint the properties that need to be notified, drawing on details such as noise mapping and distance radius from the construction works. 

DAND then print and distribute these notifications, often within very tight turnaround times. 

“We get DAND on our jobs because they’re a safe pair of hands and they understand our business,” said Adrian. “And we know they’ll go the extra mile to get the job done.”

Sometimes properties can’t be reached because, for example, it’s an apartment behind a locked door or a shopping centre that isn’t open. In those instances, DAND’s walkers take a series of extra measures to reach those properties, such as returning at a later time or searching for the building manager’s contact details.

If a property still can’t be reached, then the details are recorded in an Exceptions Report. These details can be useful evidence in consultation outcomes reports to government.  

“Because DAND give us a GPS tracked record of the job, we not only see the path their walkers have taken, we can see when they’ve gone back a second time or have gone searching for the building manager,” says Adrian. “It’s those kinds of details that make DAND stand out.”